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What the Reviews Say

  • Silverman shows just how insecure and totally human an apparently indomitable person can be

    Don Grigware

  • Julia Silverman turns in a riveting portrayal as Sandy's desolate wife and she's very funny as his open-hearted mother, learning to relate to the baffling world of homosexuality.

    Les Spindle

  • Sandy refuses to live his life as a gay man...ultimately marrying Katie (affecting Julia Silverman)...eloquently rendered in this astute and moving production.

    F. Kathleen Foley

  • Silverman is an absolute wonder as the imperious, curmudgeonly, opinionated Ruth, whose unexpected bursts of tenderness and vulnerability endear her to us despite her many flaws.

    Steven Stanley

  • As Mrs. Greenglass, Julia Silverman does a job that is never less than riveting. - New York City Nightlife

    Andrew Martin

  • Julia Silverman's canny caricature of Sandy's dilettante dowager mother is a standout.

    Bill Raden

  • Julia Silverman is deeply compassionate and affecting.  Her characters (Kate/Lillian) contrast beautifully.

    Radomir Luza

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